Bordeaux futures 2015

Updated: Mar 19, 2019


Like every year during the first week of April, the famous Bordeaux wine regions have welcomed sommeliers, merchants, journalists and other professionals from around the world to taste and compare a preview of the 2015 vintage.

Once again the Futures of Bordeaux wines have proved to be a unique theater scene in the world wine panorama, a major event that will mark prices and success (or not) of this 2015.

There are not previews as expected and followed as this one, especially this year.

After four years not at their best expression and especially after a general disappointing 2013 and a 2014 vintage still not remarkable, in fact, the Bordeaux wines were expected with curiosity to understand whether the new vintage would rise again the name and prestige of these wines overcoming  a crisis of demand  (and in part of image) now unfortunately clear.

If we take a look at the climatic conditions in 2015, we can understand how this vintage could be for Bordeaux generally excellent, reminding in part the conditions that led to vintages like 1995, 2000, 2005 and 2000 , although in this case with results appearing  not consistent in the different denominations as reveled from the outcomes of the tastings.

2015 was characterized, above all, by a cold winter end that delayed the sprout development helping to avoid the spring frosts. The first buds appeared in early April, with temperatures that have gradually raised during the month.

In spring the soils have been able to rely on a good water presence due to the winter precipitations higher than average.

The flowering took place from late May to mid-June with favorable weather conditions, characterized by above-average temperatures and rare rains.


Towards the end of June until the beginning of July, a strong increase of the temperature led to an extreme dryness of the soil whit which the vines had to cope and that had as consequence the thickening of the skin and a high concentration of tannins.

In late July the weather conditions have changed dramatically with more or less intense rainfalls that allowed the grapes to move towards a earlier ripening that seemed before a bit blocked. From this moment onward, the climatic conditions are largely different in the different appellations (with slightly favorable conditions in Saint Emilion and south Médoc ), leaving to the choices of individual producers the  destiny of this vintage. The harvest has been characterized by a variable weather, sunny days alternating with rainy ones. So the timing of the harvest is one of the producers' choice that will mark the characteristics of their wines.

The general impression is that those who worked well, and they were many a bit everywhere, will propose on the market very elegant wines, of a great complexity and agreeableness, meant for a beautiful longevity.

The personal impression is that tannins and freshness (along with a remarkable aromatic complexity) are the secret of this vintage.

The climatic conditions of  2015 have in fact offered to the producers, potentially, elegant tannins and an incredible freshness. Those who have been able to choose the right time for the harvest observing nature and respecting the terroir, and have been able to work well during the fermentation process, will see their work rewarded by excellent wines .

Only time, the evolution of the wines and the work that still has to be done in the cellar will tell us whether these expectations will be confirmed. However the impression is that we are talking about a great vintage  (at least equal to 2009 and 2010), perhaps exceptional.

If the chateaux will be able to propose reasonable prices (to consider a considerable increases) on the market, this vintage could be really remembered as the one of  the rebirth of Bordeaux ... hoping  of course that those that will follow will be as well excellent vintages.

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