Château Figeac, this is a Grand Cru Classé!


In recent years I have been lucky, because I had the opportunity to visit many wine producers, small and large, famous and not, from la Romanée Conti to Clos de Lambrays, going through various properties of Napa, Sonoma, the Loire, Tuscany, Champagne, etc.

Each visit gave me a different emotion.

I've always had the belief that the class of a wine is not necessarily linked to its reputation, its name, or classification, but it is linked to the terroir, to the passion and quality of work of the people who make this wine. This is true for for a small vigneron as well for a big Chateau.

In this sense, among the Grand Cru Classé of Bordeaux, what surprised me most is Chateau Figeac.

By visiting this castle not only have I had the opportunity to admire the fascinating cellars of the property and taste wines from different vintages but I felt pampered.

The Director of Chateau Figeac M. Frederic Faye and his friendly staff would have made the meeting comfortable, professional, exciting.

I have not felt of entering in a museum, being careful not to disturb, but I felt welcomed.

The visit took place in a convivial atmosphere and also the tasting appared a dialogue between wine lovers.

Regardless of the quality of the intriguing wines of Chateau Figeac (which I'll discuss in another occasion), this means to be a true Grand Cru Classé, in the soul.

It seemed to me important to emphasize this feeling, because I think that this is a lesson in style, in marketing and communication, very important for today's wine market.

If you happen to visit Saint Emilion do not miss the opportunity to visit this Chateau (!

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