Vallformosa, when the viral marketing can help the wine market.

Updated: Mar 19, 2019


love this video. It may be exaggerated, provocative, can be effective or not, but it is a brave way to renew the language of communication in the wine world.

The wine market is still a traditional market. But something is changing, even in the way of use marketing and communication.

If the majority of the wine producers still struggle to understand the importance of the use of a website or of social media, someone else is courageously facing new ways.

For me, Guerrilla, Viral, and Event Marketing represent, for many wine producers, a way to stand out in an evolving market, full of opportunities, but also of difficulties.

A very recent example of Viral marketing was done in November 2013, by Vallformosa to increase its reputation and gain awareness on the Belgian market, one of the most important markets for the Cava.

Over 340.000 people have seen this video, with ironic but sexually explicit contents, in just three months!

As I said above, it's a video that you may love or not, but raise the hand who thinks that, after watching, he will easily forget it. And this is the purpose!

A "Bravo" to the Belgian agency Duval Guillaume which made it.

Yes. Even in the wine's world it's possible to communicate in a new and courageous way.

Duval Guillaume copyright.

This video is published only for educational purposes, to show a good example of viral marketing.

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